Friday, 23 March 2018

The fox and the apples

I first noticed foxes taking apples two years ago.  I had been putting apples out for the blackbirds but noticed that any left in the afternoon had vanished by the next morning.  A trail camera proved that the foxes were responsible.  I had thought the foxes must be starving but the truth is that they like apples.  This winter the same thing has been happening so I put the camera out again to take a look.

On this night I am pretty sure the same fox took all three apples.  He (or another fox) had been happily eating the peanuts when, at 21.40 he made off with the first of three apples.

Two minutes later he took the second one.

One minute later he was back for the third.

Here is the first theft on video.  (There is a slightly spooky ghosting of a reflection of his eyes caused by a wet lens.)

And the second theft.

The third happened when the camera was buffering between videos and was missed.  Foxes are omnivores and will eat just about anything.  They are obviously keen on peanuts but will take blackberries and other wild fruits when they are available.


  1. I wonder if he ate all three or buried some for later. The lens ghosting effect is rather artsy.

    1. I think he must have buried or hidden them as he couldn't eat all three in one go. The foxes even eat the peanuts quite slowly.