Sunday, 4 March 2018

A big surprise

It was half time in the football yesterday (6.30pm) so I opened the back door to put peanuts out for the foxes when to my astonishment there was a roe deer on the drive, only 15m away.  It startled but didn't run away and so I grabbed a camera.  Then I could see there was another one.  The slightly larger deer is a young (first winter) buck - I haven't seen him before - and the other is a young female.  Here are a couple of stills from the video, shot in darkness with the only light reflected from the snow. 

Forgive the shaky camera work and the traffic noise.  They are eating loose ivy leaves blown onto the snow from where the buck was eating the night before.

These two then ran off up the garden and while I was getting my breath back the buck walked in through the gate.  He also caught me by surprise but I managed a bit more shaky video before he ran up the garden to join the other two.

While the deer were up the garden I threw out some peanuts and closed the door against the cold.  Three or four minutes later the first fox appeared and sat down to eat the peanuts so I couldn't open it again, although peering through the window I couldn't see the deer.  And I never did get to see the second half of the football (it ended Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0 if you wanted to know).

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