Tuesday, 23 May 2017

MalteserCam I

This was a good night for the trail camera.  After my recent success with Maltesers I again baited it with a mixture of Maltesers and peanuts, just a little way along the badger trail from last time.  First on the scene was this fox at about 10pm but it was very wary, as foxes often are.  I expect it could smell the peanuts but also the camera or my scent.

It didn't come closer than this.  Notice two Maltesers in the foreground.

Just after midnight there was another fox, possibly the same one, but again it didn't come close (at least it didn't trigger the camera).

Then at around 2am one or more wood mice  They were mostly interested in the peanuts but you can see one of them has had a bite at one of the Maltesers.  Either they don't like milk chocolate or it was too big to carry.

The badger didn't arrive until after 3.30am but fortunately for him most of the food was still there.

He gradually got closer and closer as he ate his way through the food.

And chomp, he got the two closest Maltesers.

Altogether he was there for 20 minutes making sure there was nothing left.  He had eaten two handfuls of peanuts and half a packet of Maltesers.

And finally a roe deer.  It was too close by the time it triggered the photo, only a few minutes before I arrived to collect the camera.  I expect a roe deer wouldn't be interested in Maltesers in any case.

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  1. Always enjoy the badgercam pics he looks so healthy, glossy coat etc wonder if any of his family/mates have noticed the effects of his new diet!