Thursday, 18 May 2017

Roe buck

I often see roe deer when I walk in to set or to retrieve the trail camera.  They are fairly tolerant of people as long as they aren't surprised.  If they can see me and can judge my distance they will often stand and watch me, as this young roe buck did.  He looks a bit scruffy as he is moulting from his darker winter coat to his reddish brown summer coat.

A couple of nights ago I saw two mature bucks who were facing off with lots of head lowering, stamping and pawing at the ground but they didn't clash antlers.  I didn't have a camera and the light would have been poor under the trees in any case but it was marvellous to watch.  After five minutes or so they either lost interest or decided between themselves that one was the winner, as they sauntered off in opposite directions.  I did have the iPhone and these are the marks they left in the ground.

The roe deer rut is not until July-August so I think these two were just confirming their territorial boundaries.

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