Saturday, 27 May 2017

Hungry starlings II

The starlings chicks fledged the day after I posted photos last week and there are now several family groups in the garden.  They seem to be mostly in twos and threes but that might be that more can't fit on the perch at one time.

I think by next week they'll be feeding themselves and will be gone but for now they are still dependent on their parents.

They make a lot of noise but are fun to have around.


  1. After weeks of my raving about your fantastically sharp photos to my husband, he finally asked me to ask you what camera set-up you are using. My birthday is coming up next month...this may be a great way to hint towards an equipment upgrade!

    1. I use different set-ups for different subjects Annie. The most important is the lens. These were taken with a Sigma 150-600mm with a Canon 6D. For closer subjects (such as dragonflies) I use a Canon 300mm or 70-200mm. The insects are taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens. I have an old 7D Mk I body which still gets a lot of use and a 650D for the macro work so I don't have to swap lenses/bodies too often. Drop a few hints and have a good birthday.

    2. Thanks for the info! I'm hinting towards the macro I have a nice mason bee hotel that is currently the focus of my fascination right now :) PS: I REALLY enjoy seeing those TrogTrog Blog emails in my box.