Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What badgers like best of all

I expect you remember the story in Chapter Two of The House at Pooh Corner, by AA Milne, In which Tigger comes to the Forest and has breakfast.  The animals all try to find out what Tiggers like to eat.  Tigger is offered honey (by Pooh), haycorns (by Piglet), and thistles (by Eeyore) before deciding that he likes baby Roo's Extract of Malt best of all.  I have been conducting a similar experiment to see what badgers like best of all.  This chap has been helping me with my research.

And the magic secret ingredient that badgers like best of all is:

No doubt he'll get into trouble, be told he's risking type 2 diabetes, be told to lose weight and be prescribed statins but for now he's just enjoying them.


  1. See he's a Newcastle supporter Chris!

    1. You mean he's overweight and not wearing a shirt?