Thursday, 4 May 2017

A near miss for HareCam

I am very grateful to my friend David S for a tip-off about these brown hares living close by his house and the opportunity to watch them.  I went one evening when the light was good but they were a bit far away, probably 80m or so.

Before I left we decided to set the trail camera in the hope of catching them the next morning.  I returned early and within 20 minutes or so the hares reappeared.  Again they were a bit far off for my 600mm lens but it was a pleasure to sit and watch them.  As we watched one moved to the edge of the field, this close to the trail camera.

Moments later it was joined by its mate and the two of them sat not far from the camera.  I was concerned that they were a bit to one side but hopeful that we might have an image or two.

Eventually the hares moved off and we retrieved the camera.  And - nothing.  There were a dozen flash pictures of wood mice but not one photo of a hare.  Here is a mouse to show we had a good field of view including the field margin.

I wonder if the hares might have been just out of view of the sensor on the trail camera (I don't know what the field of view of the sensor is).  Another few centimetres and we could have struck gold.  It was very frustrating, especially as we were sitting watching.  It may be worth another attempt but the chance of them sitting so close to the camera again is small.

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