Wednesday, 31 May 2017

MalteserCam II

Another night in the woods with the trail camera.  As before it was baited with peanuts and Maltesers.  The first badger entered stage left.  Below you can see a dozen or so Maltesers in front of him.

The next photo was taken two minutes later and he has eaten most of them.

That left three nearest the camera.

He's onto them.

Then there were two.

One left.

And that's the lot.

A few minutes later the first cub I have seen on the camera turned up hoping for a Malteser but the only photo was of a rather soggy tail end.

Two hours later a different badger stopped by but I think all the food had gone.

Later a fox looked in from the path but didn't stop.

And finally a wood mouse, hoping that a peanut had been overlooked.

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