Saturday, 6 May 2017

Crazy nesting

When I first saw this blackbird nest I thought it was a crazy place to build.  It was in full view on top of a log pile beside my shed.  If I could see it so easily it seemed obvious that a sharp-eyed magpie would find it.  I peeped inside and there were two eggs.

Next day there were three.

Then four.

Then five.

I guessed that was probably the lot and that the blackbird would start brooding them so I stayed away from there altogether.  The BTO website says that the incubation time for blackbird eggs is 13-14 days so I risked another look just over two weeks later.  And - I found an empty and abandoned nest.

I couldn't imagine that it was ever going to work.  I expect Mrs B went off sadder and wiser to start again somewhere more sensible.  I hope I don't find the next nest, in which case the magpies might not find it either.

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