Thursday, 25 May 2017

Amazing garden bird

I am quite used to seeing black and white birds in the garden but they are great spotted woodpeckers or magpies or pied wagtails.  Last night as I was cooking my dinner I glanced out of the kitchen window and saw an oystercatcher on the lawn!

The oystercatcher was doing a pretty good job of catching its own dinner which was just as well as mine ended up a bit overcooked.

In the past few weeks I have seen and heard lots of oystercatchers flying over the garden, often very low below treetop height.  I have heard that they are nesting on the roofs of the grandstands on the racecourse about half a mile away. When I see them I expect they are flying to and from their feeding grounds but I never imagined I would see one land here.

It was interesting to see how easily it pushed its beak this far into the ground.

Eventually it caught one last worm and took off carrying it, possibly taking it back to the nest.  I do hope it will come back.  My neighbour Gill tells me she had one in her garden this afternoon so perhaps it will.

I submit a weekly report to BTO Garden BirdWatch on what I see in the garden but this week I'm not sure they'll believe me.

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  1. That's fantastic Chris, not just a fly over/brief stopover, actually using your garden. Super!