Monday, 6 July 2015

The duck's dilemma

I saw this mallard swimming upstream with her ten ducklings.

They were making good progress until they came to a tree trunk lying across the river.  It was nearly as long as the river was wide and the water flow past each end was very fast.

The mother decided to climb over the tree trunk.

And she called to the ducklings from the other side.

The duckings made many valiant attempts but couldn't jump onto the log.

Eventually they gave up so the mother then tried to persuade them to swim around the end.

Five ducklings got into the stream but how ever hard they paddled they couldn't make headway.

Eventually the mother had to admit defeat and took them off back downstream, perhaps to try again another day.


  1. What a good mother she is!

  2. That is fabulous! Amazing that you started taking the pics at the start of the tale!

  3. Darn that tree trunk! Adorable photos though!