Friday, 30 December 2016

End of year favourites - Odonata

The weather wasn't good for dragonflies in the early part of the season but I managed to see quite a few, including some for the first time.  Here are a few favourites from the year.

First, and best of all, a female golden-ringed dragonfly.

A female large red damselfly, my first sighting of the year.

A male large red damselfly.

A male southern hawker.

A male common hawker.

A male emperor dragonfly.

A male beautiful demoiselle with a male banded demoiselle in the background.

A female beautiful demoiselle.

A four-spotted chaser.

A pair of black-tailed skimmers.

A pairs of black darters.

A lone black darter.

A male emerald damselfly.

An ovipositing brown hawker.

A  male small red-eyed damselfly.

A female azure damselfly (a first for the garden).

A male common hawker.

A female common hawker.

And finally, a female blue-tailed damselfly having a male common blue damselfly for breakfast.

My hopes for next year include a white-faced darter, a hairy dragonfly and a male golden-ringed dragonfly.

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