Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The hedgehog's surprise dinner guest

This hedgehog had the right idea.  She arrived early, ahead of the other three, and tucked into the peanuts.  (I fear the videos may not play on an iPad or similar, despite being recorded on a Canon camera and uploaded from an iMac.)

It didn't all go to plan, however, as an unexpected guest turned up to share the dinner.

Mrs Fox is also keen on peanuts but there were enough to go round.  She seems pretty relaxed despite being this close to the house and sits or even lies down while she is eating.

They didn't have much to say to each other but seemed to get on pretty well.

At this point I thought the fox had seen me but she didn't seem put off so I don't think she can have done.  She stayed until there were no peanuts left, much to the disappointment of the hedgehog.

Word gets around.  Last night a different fox arrived.  This one is smaller, thinner, greyer and has a different pattern of black marks on its forelegs.  I haven't seen it before but it was just as happy to join in with the hedgehogs (there were two this time).

The astonishing thing is that the only illumination for these pictures is from a single 60W bulb in an exterior light on the house wall.  The still photos were taken at ISO 25600.  It is amazing what modern digital cameras can do.

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