Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Seeing double

I wrote last week that I had seen two different foxes joining the hedgehogs to eat dinner outside my back door.  I now watch out for them every evening at around 10pm.

This time when I looked out both foxes were there together but no hedgehogs.  I grabbed the camera and managed one quick video clip before the smaller (presumably younger) fox wandered off.

A few moments later it was back and I took another shot but then the light went out.

I switched the light back on for a third shot but then the older fox went off, leaving the younger one to finish the peanuts.

Last night they were both here again so I decided to try some stills.  And this time the hedgehogs weren't put off although I couldn't get them all in the same photo.  Here are two foxes.

And here is the younger fox sneaking past the hedgehogs to grab some peanuts.  Sorry it's a bit blurred but the shutter speed is very low.

And here are three hedgehogs.

I am not sure what the relationship is between these two foxes.  I suppose they must be mother and cub.  They obviously get on and are presumably related but the smaller one is surely much too big to be this year's cub.  On the other hand a cub from last year would be full grown long before now.  Any suggestions?

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  1. The photos are amazing considering it's night time! And how lovely to see three hedgies.