Monday, 2 May 2016

Nest box news 1

It is four weeks since the blue tits moved into the box and the nest is now complete.  In four of the previous five years the first egg had already been laid before the end of April but I suppose things have been delayed by the continuing cold weather.  The photos below show the progress week by week.  At first the female bird was bringing in moss and straw to fill up the box but in the past few days she has brought softer material and feathers to fashion the cup of the nest (top right as we look at it).  The box looks too big at his stage but in a few weeks time, with up to a dozen full grown chicks exercising their flight muscles, it will look quite crowded.

Last night was the first time the female has slept in the box.

As you can see she is a restless sleeper.

I expect the first egg to be laid in the next few days, possibly tomorrow.  From now I'll put an update here each week but more frequent updates will appear on the "Nestbox camera 2016" page accessed via the tab above.

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  1. Six eggs is the latest count I think.. Keep me up to date as I feel adoption papers on the way