Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hedgehog news

News of the hedgehogs in the garden.  I wrote in March that the hedgehogs had come out of hibernation and that there were two of them.  The good news is that there are now four, two large and two small (these things happen).  As spring has advanced they have lost interest in the dog food I was putting out but they are very keen on peanuts.

Because of the astonishing performance of modern digital cameras I can take these photos using the illumination from the security light (using ISO of up to 25600).  I can't get all four in the right place at the same time but here are three, two adults plus a youngster on the left.

The young ones are slightly darker than their parents.  Here is one of each.

These I think are the two adults. 

Here is the other youngster.

I haven't managed to get all four on the video either but here is a short clip of three, playing their own version of dodgems.

The hedgehogs are very wary and make a run for it if they pick up my scent (not that I wear scent of course, but you know what I mean).  The photos are taken through the half open back door.

They may have lost interest in the dog food but someone else hasn't!


  1. It is usual for the young ones to appear a different colour to parents?

    1. I'm not sure John. If I see three or four together it is very easy to tell who is who. The two youngsters are also still a bit smaller than their parents. Their colour does vary with the angle of the light.