Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Another walk round the pond

My latest visit to Banks' Pond gave my best view yet of a female emperor dragonfly (Anax imperator).  When I first saw her she was ovipositing on the pondweed out in the middle of the pond.  I watched and willed her to come closer but after a few minutes she went off zooming around to catch something to eat.  After a few minutes, however, she returned and landed less than 5m away.  I was wearing wellies so I could wade into the reeds to get even closer and watch for several minutes.

Several times she was approached by amorous but rather overoptimistic male azure damselflies.

The emperor's season is almost at an end but other dragonflies are only just getting started.  I saw my first common hawker of the year.  This one is a male.  (Correction.  It is a rare blue form female.  See Alan's comments below.)

There were also lots of new common darters

and the first ruddy darter I have seen this year.

A good find was a male banded demoiselle, the third I have seen here but the first passable photo.

And to finish off a brown hare.  Not quite as close as one I saw a year ago to the day but lovely to see.

So, quite a good morning and much more to look forward to as the summer progresses.


  1. Great stuff Chris, and once again you've managed to find a rare colour form female, your common hawker is a beautiful example, note the antehumeral pips rather than stripes of the male. Soon be time for Black Darters, hope to get up to Cragside again soon.

    1. Oh dear. I think I'll have to send them all to you for checking, Alan, before I post them! Thanks for the correction.