Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Caught red-handed

I expect you can guess the culprit.

He thought he would get away with it but he hadn't reckoned on my security camera.

He emerged red-faced but happy.  Who says crime doesn't pay?


  1. Wow, Christopher, what a banquet you have laid on for that lucky squirrel! Your red friend certainly looks happy.

    1. Sadly he was not in my garden Florence. I saw him yesterday at Wallington Hall, a National Trust stately home in Northumberland. As you can see, the feeder contained mostly peanuts and sunflower seeds but he was only interested in hazelnuts. It was fun to watch him throwing out all the other food as he searched for another hazelnut. I did have a red squirrel in the garden for eight days last summer and hope one will return this year.