Wednesday, 8 March 2017


First the bad news:

Then the worse news:

This is the first time I have caught these varmints in the garden on the trail camera.  They got in last winter when the fence blew down in a gale and I have been stuck with them since.

Then some good news:

When the fox first turned up it seemed much more interested in something in the rocks and logs behind than in the peanuts.  I suppose it could smell the rabbits but if so it didn't catch one.

Eventually it settled down to eating the peanuts.

After the fox disappeared the rabbits returned.

Later a fox came back but there probably wasn't much left to eat.  I'm not sure if it is the same one but there are definitely two that visit regularly.

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  1. So nice to see your lovely fat and sleek foxes. I would imagine fully grown rabbits would be a bit of a challenge for the to overpower.