Thursday, 17 March 2016

Who's been eating my dinner?

Since my last post about the fox I have put out food for it every night.  Watching through the window recently I could see it was limping again, this time appearing unable to put weight on its right front leg.  To check how it was doing I put out the video camera last night.  And look who turned up to eat the food.

This is the first time I have seen one this year so I am pleased that, unlike last winter, the hedgehog hibernated properly.  The next 11 video clips, each 30s with a short gap in between, so more than 6 minutes in all, show the hedgehog happily eating the fox's dinner.  Here's part of one of them.

Then the fox turned up but it took an apple.

On the next clip the fox must have realised something was up so it grabbed the dish and ran off with it, probably spilling most of the food.

Then the poor old hedgehog came back but couldn't work out where the rest of the food had gone.  There are multiple clips of it searching for the dish.

Then the fox came back to search for the spilt food.  The hedgehog knew it was there and kept its head down.  You can see how badly the fox is limping.

The fox must have returned again as two more apples disappeared but it wasn't captured by the camera.  On the previous occasion when the fox ran off with the dish I did eventually find the dish in the hedge but this time I can't find it at all.

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