Monday, 28 March 2016

Who's been eating my dinner? - Part 3

The fox continues to visit the garden every night.  As I mentioned last time, she tries to get here early so the hedgehog hasn't eaten all her food.

The fox and the hedgehog seem to tolerate each other without difficulty, leading to some remarkable photos.

You can see below the hedgehog's reaction when the fox arrives.  Fortunately the hedgehog had been busy eating peanuts on the lawn and hadn't stolen the fox's dinner.

The fox has been noticeably more relaxed recently and even sits down to feed.

To ensure that they both get fed I put food in this hedgehog feeding station which seems to work quite well.  It is an old plastic laundry basket fixed to the ground with tent pegs so the fox can't get in.  That's a driveway light behind it.

The good news is that the fox is now walking without difficulty.  The other good news is that there are now two hedgehogs.  I have watched them and caught both on video, and last night the camera caught them both on a still photo.

The male is larger and slightly paler in colour.

In this clip the male is making amorous advances but the female isn't interested so he gives up and starts eating the fox's dinner instead.

Here's hoping there will be hoglets in the garden later in the season.


  1. Two hedgehogs! Very exciting!

  2. We got a hedgehog on film the other night, much to our surprise!

  3. Enjoyed watching your night time dinner guests. You certainly accommodated them. The fox looks like she is nursing pups.

    1. I am sure she is. I don't know where her earth is but I'll look out for the cubs in a few weeks time. Last night both animals arrived before it was dark. With the nights getting shorter it seems each is keen to get here before the other.