Monday, 21 March 2016

Who's been eating my dinner? - Part 2

As you would expect, the fox has come up with a cunning plan.  After finding the newly emerged hedgehog had eaten its dinner the other night the fox has set its alarm earlier to get there first - what you might call the German beach towel strategy.

You can tell it is the same fox that has been coming all winter by the scar on its forehead.

The number of colour still photos and this video clip show it was completely unconcerned by the flash on the camera.

There were 14 videos clips of the fox, each 30s, so it was here for quite a time.  I had put down some peanuts and it spent most of that time picking them up and eating them.

And by the time the poor old hedgehog turned up the fox had eaten all the dinner.

You can see the hedgehog on the left at the edge of the picture on this clip below.

All that was left for the hedgehog was to lick the dish clean.

So I have now devised what I hope is a fox-proof hedgehog feeding station, made out of an old laundry basket, in the hope that they can both get their fair share.

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  1. What a treat to see the hedgehog, it looks a good healthy size. Looking forward to hearing how your ingenious fox-proof feeding station works.