Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Night-time trail camera - Roe deer

At this time of year the roe deer in the park turn up to eat the ivy growing on the fence just outside my gate, probably because there isn't much else to eat.  Over the past few nights I have been trying to catch them on the trail cameras.

The video camera doesn't have a very wide field of view and there isn't much room so the difficulty is getting the deer to stand in the right place.  This doe had roughly the right idea.

This doe is very close.  She does seem to be aware of the camera.

The group is made up of a buck and two or three does.  Here the buck is keeping an eye on the camera.

As he walks away you can see the velvet is peeling off his antlers.

In this clip he is so close it is a surprise he doesn't tip the tripod over.  We can see he has scars on his back - probably from fighting in the rut.  Then he wonders whether the camera might be good to eat.

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