Thursday, 8 October 2015

The heron's breakfast

This young heron flew in and landed for only a moment before jumping into the water and pulling out a perch.  It then spent a tricky few minutes subduing and turning the fish before swallowing it head first, no doubt wary of the perch's sharp dorsal fin.  I'm not sure if the fish was dead when swallowed as it appeared still to be wriggling as it went down the heron's throat.


  1. Great series of photos, they do have a beady eye and their long neck makes for uncomfortable viewing of live food heading down. I went off herons after a visit to Canada where they had all but devoured every chipmunk around my cousins cottage on Georgian Bay. After discovering it was much easier than fishing.......

  2. Great series oh wow! I wouldn't think it could handle such a big fighting fish! I wonder does the prey stand a slim chance of escaping or even damaging the birds stomach (with those sharp fins and thrashing about.) if eaten in that condition?? Does it really manage to digest it bones and all somehow?