Monday, 11 December 2017

Round and round the gooseberry bush

The young sparrowhawk has been back and was playing a deadly game of hide-and-seek with the blue tits.  When I first spotted him he was again on top of the hedge.

The blue tits were hiding out in the gooseberry bush, in view but out of reach.  The sparrowhawk made an attack to try to flush them out but failed.  He sat and watched them from below.

Another attack and another failure.

Then he tried from above, again without success (I have since moved the water bins to make a more photogenic background).

After sitting on the hedge for a while he flew off to try elsewhere.

The photography is a big (but enjoyable) challenge.  This is in deep shade on the north side of the house and looking through the window.  I have to use a lot of exposure compensation when he is silhouetted on the hedge and take it off when he is on the ground.  I use manual focus when he's under the bush as the autofocus can't cope.  And everything happens so quickly.  I'll try some action shots if I get a chance.

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