Saturday, 30 December 2017

End of year favourites - Farther afield

This post is the last of my end-of-year reviews and shows a few photos from beyond Newcastle and Northumberland. The most exciting bee of the year was the wool carder bee which I found in Regent's Park in London.  These are ♂ above and ♀ below.

Other sightings in or near the village where my mother lives in Northamptonshire were brown hawker (♂)

Southern hawker (♂)


Hairy-footed flower bee (♂)

Beautiful demoiselle (immature ♂
 and ♀)

Tawny mining bee (♀ above, ♂ below)

And in Co Durham a red squirrel.

I wish you a Happy New Year.


  1. Happy New Year to you too Chris, hope you can keep on entertaining and educating us!

  2. Such vibrant little creatures. Happy new year.