Sunday, 27 August 2017

Which brother will be king?

These two young male kingfishers have been putting on a great show in the past couple of weeks.  They have no rings and are thought to be from a second brood (most or all of the first brood were ringed).  There is a fair amount of conflict as they battle for control of the territory on the lake in Gosforth Park.  This time last year there was a single very determined young female in charge but so far neither of these two has been able to oust the other.

We were sitting watching this one

when the second one arrived and wanted to sit on the same piece of reed.

The first wasn't happy and flew a short distance away

leaving the incomer in possession of the reed.

A short while later the two of them were sat on the same stick pretending to ignore each other

but that didn't last.

Then one caught a fish

and brought it to eat in front of his brother 

who pretended to take no notice.

There has also been a young female around, probably from the same brood, although I haven't seen her.  I expect one of the brothers will take the territory and the other will have to move on.

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