Monday, 5 June 2017

Rescue mission

I was driving near Edmundbyers in Co. Durham when I had to stop as there were four lapwing chicks in the road. There was a steep bank on either side so they couldn't get away.

I tried to encourage them into a nearby field but I discovered that herding newly fledged lapwings isn't easy.  The next car along was driven by Louise, our local bee expert, and she got out to help.  In the end we had to pick them up and put them in the field.

All the time the parents were circling overhead and calling to the chicks.

One of the parents landed and the chicks all ran towards it.  It was interesting that the parent was feigning injury, presumably to distract us from the chicks.

The last we saw they were all heading for safety.  I was very impressed by how vulnerable they were.  If I had been a stoat or any other predator they would have been toast.


  1. Wren rescues Lapwings!

  2. How lucky that you were there to help them. The parents must have been very upset.

    1. I have just realised that stoat is an anagram of toast.

    2. So it is! I was trying to think (not trying too hard!) of a witty reposte, but that will do fine! I had to swerve to avoid them at Muggleswick the other day!