Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A badger cub on BadgerCam

For the first time I have managed to get a decent photo of a badger cub on the trail camera.  It looks quite fluffy compared with the adults and I guess is only just over half the length of the boar.  The photos below show the relative sizes of the cub and the adults.

Badgers seem to get plenty of itches and spend a lot of time scratching, especially when they first come out in the evening.

Here is a short video clip of one of the badgers having a good scratch.  It makes me itchy just to watch it.  You can see it takes no notice of the flash from the other camera.

Here is the first badger out of bed emerging for breakfast.  Its eyes light up when it spots the Maltesers.

This one found the camera but then could pick up my scent and wasn't so keen.

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