Tuesday, 6 June 2017

MalteserCam III

Another successful night for the trail camera, helped again by Maltesers.  This badger wolfed down half a packet in no time.

Proof that roe deer aren't interested in Maltesers.

And the fox turned up too late, as usual (and was also too close to the camera).


  1. If you don't mind me asking what camera are you using for these? I admire your photos but I am not sure I am quite ready to share my Maltesers ;-)

    1. It's an old Wingscapes BirdCam 2.0 Laura. It has a white flash but no infrared so it can't do night-time video. It also has a slow reaction time but is OK if the subject doesn't move too quickly. And I have to test the Maltesers before I put them down - just to make sure they are OK.

  2. Thank you, I have a Wingscapes Birdcam 2.0 as well (after seeing the photos on your blog before) mine is now old and glitchy so i am always thinking about finding a replacement for it.

    I found out why I had been getting less fox photos last night, the hedgehog who must be too small or too slow to trigger the camera has been in snaffling all the tasty treats first. Last night he was so full of chicken he could barely roll up!