Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The sparrowhawk waiting for breakfast

The sparrowhawk was back this morning, watching and waiting.  Always alert, he suddenly spotted something and gave chase.

He caught what I think was a blue tit and returned to the perch but the prey is out of view in his right foot.  He decided to eat it elsewhere and flew off (I was hoping he'd eat it here).

Only a few minutes later he was back for more, with a feather from his breakfast still stuck to his beak.  It is interesting how his plumage shows the white feathers when it is fluffed up (below) but not when it is all sleeked down (above).

He gave chase a second time but was away over the hedge so I didn't see if he was successful.  Later he was back again but the sun was on the fence behind making photography difficult.

He seems pleased with the new perch so I'm in danger of spending all my time watching him or looking out for him. Here are a couple of brief videos so you can see what I see.  This is full frame with a 280mm lens (200mm with a 1.4 converter and a full size sensor to be precise) so you can see how close he is.  Notice how he likes to tuck one foot into his feathers.

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