Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Handsome couple

In fact they are not really a couple as this cock had at least half a dozen hens in his harem.  The females look dowdy in the wrong light but are beautifully patterned and coloured when the sun catches them.

You'll be pleased to hear that "my" pheasant turned up last week, the first time I have seen him for over six weeks.  I had given him up for dead but there he was, shouting for his breakfast in the porch, just like old times.  Not a word about where he had been, either.  He is now at least six years old so doing pretty well for an old timer.


  1. You really captured the male pheasant's iridescence beautifully! Is it his behaviour or his markings that tells you this is your friend of six years?

    1. It's both Florence. He comes to the front door most mornings and shouts for his breakfast before taking it from my hand. It's pretty unusual behaviour for a pheasant as any others would run away. Also he has only a few small white markings on the sides of his neck. Whether he knows it's me is another question. He's less interested in me in the garden if he's not hungry. If I meet him outside the garden nearby he won't come near.

    2. Ah hah! All is revealed. How wonderful to have this magnificent bird eat from your hand! A few winters ago, a pair of ring necks stayed in my garden until spring. They were quite wild and disappeared that Spring. It was a treat to see your gorgeous boy. Thanks for sharing, Christopher.

  2. So in some ways like you - doing pretty well for an old timer!