Saturday, 11 June 2016

Nest box news - D-Day

This was a surprise.  Watching the chicks yesterday and first thing this morning I really thought they would go today.  In previous years they have always fledged 18 or 19 days after hatching but this was already day 20.  Something wasn't right and when they were still in the box by mid morning I assumed the departure was off until tomorrow - in the last six years they have always flown before 0930, and usually before 0700.

Then suddenly at 1445 this afternoon they got all excited and one of them sort of fell out of the entrance after the parent came in - something I haven't recorded from inside before (I'm usually outside with the camera).  The others then jumped up to see where the first one had gone but none immediately followed.  It's a longish clip but interesting to watch.

I ran outside and managed to catch the next three baling out, all within less than five minutes.  Here is no 2 with a rather bouffant hairstyle.

And no 3.

And no 4.

There was then a long pause so I came back in to check that the last two were still in the box.  The parents kept popping in to feed them even though they also had the other four in the trees outside.

The last two really didn't fancy it and spent another hour in the box, huddled together trying to pluck up courage.

Eventually No 5 left - again recorded from inside - but the last one was very unsure.

Here is the last chick staring out of the window.

No 6 eventually made the jump at around 1600 after hanging right out of the box for five minutes or more, joining the others on their adventure in the big world outside.

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  1. Sad to say (sad re me that is!) my response is: aaah!