Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Night-time trail camera - Fox in the garden

The pheasant comes to the front door every morning and the fox comes to the back door every night but fortunately (for the pheasant) they have never met.  I had been feeding the hedgehog every night until about six weeks ago but then it stopped taking the food.  I tried again last week but only the fox showed up on the cameras.  Still, it looks pretty healthy - and well fed.

This week I have seen the hedgehog out and about in the garden but it is still uninterested in the food I put out.  The fox continues to eat the hedgehog's dinner but looks very suspicious of the water.


  1. Replies
    1. I think it is growing fat on hedgehog food. I'm hoping that the hedgehog will hibernate this time, unlike last winter.

  2. You're not mixing up the water and the gin are you?

  3. So the fox isn't scared off by the flash?

    1. I think the fox is used to it. Because it is in the garden the security lights often come on as well so the fox doesn't seem too worried. I can get up to four photos in one go so it obviously sticks around. With simultaneous video on a different camera I can see that the otters jump when the flash fires but they still aren't put off. The badgers are different and do seem shy of the flash.