Monday, 16 November 2015

Life and death outside the kitchen window

There are so many birds in the garden that if I look out of the window and don't see any it usually means one thing. There is a sparrowhawk about, lurking in a tree or, as in this case, on a kill.  The sparrowhawk had dragged its pigeon under the hedge which meant the light was poor.  The main problem was that I had to take photos very obliquely through the double glazing so I'm afraid they aren't very clear but are probably worth a look.  I'll leave the window open and the camera ready to get better pictures next time (and I've cleaned the windows!).

The sparrowhawk didn't get to finish its dinner because someone with a dog walked by and scared it away.  But in nature nothing goes to waste and the fox later finished off the rest.

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  1. Well worth posting despite the technical issues due to the window, thanks!