Thursday, 5 February 2015

Pheasant update

I have posted news of this chap before (here and here) but I think it is time for an update.  This is the sight that greets me each morning when I open the kitchen curtains.  (That is supposed to be a lawn but look what the birds have done to it.)

He is usually standing waiting and when he sees me through the window he runs round to the front door, getting there before I can.  He stands in the porch and shouts until I appear with the food.

Peanuts are his favourite at the moment, although he will eat sunflower hearts.

The first pheasant who took up residence in the garden was this one four years ago.  It was large and had a prominent but incomplete white collar whereas the present pheasant(!) is smaller and has almost no collar.

The first pheasant usually had one or two females with him in the winter and early spring

The pheasant I have now had a female companion for the previous two winters and on one occasion I had to rescue her from the netting protecting the broccoli from pigeons.

She hasn't been here since last spring so if you know of any unattached females please give us a ring.

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