Wednesday, 18 February 2015

If you go down to the woods tonight

I have been experimenting with the trail cameras in the woods at night.  So far I have seen roe deer, grey squirrel, fox and badger   These are the still photos I have of the badgers.

I have been trying to get a photo of the badger crossing this log bridge but whichever end of the bridge I put the camera, the badger is always walking the other way.  I'll keep trying.

I did manage some infrared pictures but they are of lower quality.

These videos show the badger on the bridge.  It is very sure-footed, considering it is in complete darkness.

This video shows the badger investigating the still camera on the far bank.  It obviously doesn't like the smell of human, or perhaps it's just me.  It then crosses the bridge and triggers the flash to take the photo below (it's still facing the wrong way!).

The colour photos are taken with a WIngscapes BirdCam and the infrared with a Bushnell NatureView.  The Bushnell has a narrower field of view and no aiming device so it is a bit hit and miss getting the subject in the frame.  There is also a flicker on the infrared video.  The Wingscapes has a wider field of view and a laser to mark the centre of view which makes aiming it a bit easier.  It also has better image quality but can't record night-time video.  It seems also to have a low sensitivity trigger despite being set on high and so sometimes misses a lot of photos.

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