Monday, 23 February 2015

Night-time trail camera - Fox

Some fox pictures from the trail cameras in the woods.  I have mainly been targeting the badgers recently but have picked up several fox photos as well.  I sometimes see a fox when I go in late to set up or early to collect the cameras but I haven't seen a badger out and about at dusk or dawn.

Here is the fox on the log bridge.  Just like the badger, it is facing the wrong way!  These two photos are 20 minutes apart and the fox didn't come back across the bridge in between - or at least, if it did the camera didn't see it.  My guess is that it is the same fox.

The videos show the fox foraging and scent-marking.  I think they won't play on iPads and perhaps also kindles.


  1. Great photos - if you don't mind me asking what equipment / camera are you using to get the colour night time shots? Thanks

    1. It's a Wingscapes BirdCam 2.0 which has an incandescent (as opposed to LED) flash. I've had it for about three or four years. Looking at the Wingscapes website recently I couldn't see it or an equivalent so I'm not sure it is still available. The fox and the badger (from last week) don't seem to mind the flash although the badger certainly doesn't like the smell of me on the camera.

  2. Thank you, I'll get googling and have a wee hunt on Ebay :-)