Saturday, 29 April 2017

The under gardener

I have spent much of the past week or so in the garden so there hasn't been much opportunity to get out and take photos.  It's the sort of job that has to be done now otherwise I'll regret it later in the season.  I was assisted throughout by this fellow.  Every time he stopped singing I knew he'd spotted something tasty.  He helped me out by collecting all the caterpillars, etc that I'd missed.

One neat trick he showed me was how to pick up a millipede when you are already carrying a caterpillar.

It is a pity he's not quite so good at weeding.


  1. What a charming little helper/companion!

  2. Robins are a delight my first garden visitor when I moved house - probably need to train a blackbird to help with weeding, on worm hunts they certainly make the undergrowth/leaves fly!