Tuesday, 4 April 2017

More fun with BadgerCam

Another good night with the trail camera in the woods.  I look for a well worn trail and position the camera to look along it, hoping the target will be walking towards rather than away from the camera.  This night it worked out well.  There were 33 photos, a record for badgers, and here are the best of them.

I don't think the photos are all of the same badger.  If you look carefully the first two above show a badger with a muddy nose and more white on its ears and neck.  The others below show a cleaner badger with white only along the tops of its ears.  I think the second badger is also larger.  The first badger may have retreated and been replaced by a more relaxed animal but there was less than two minutes between the second and third photos.  I wonder if the last photo is different animal again.

I had a video camera set up as well.  The first video clip below shows that the badger suddenly becomes alert, possibly hearing the flash charging, and retreats when the flash fires.  The second clip, later in the series, shows that the second badger ignores the flash.  It also shows that badgers eat peanuts much more quickly than foxes do.  (It is also obvious that jackdaws are not sound sleepers - this was 1.30 am and you can hear them chattering in the trees above.)

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  1. I thought there may have been peanuts involved in the nosing round in the leaves photos. The jackdaws are interesting! Great shots of the badgers aren't they?