Monday, 30 January 2017

The foxes are getting closer

There was enough snow a couple of weeks ago to see fox tracks all over the garden.  I could see that the fox had jumped over the wall into the walled garden and wandered around, coming right up to the house.  Last autumn it twice climbed onto a barrel of flowers by the house and ran off with a feeder full of peanuts (which I still haven't found).  This time I put the peanuts on the patio.  Unlike most of the others this fox has no white on the tip of its tail.  Unlike one of the others it also has two good lower canine teeth.  The height of the bird bath is 54cm (21").

On another night there was this photo - the fox is too close but it does have white on its tail.

So I started putting food out regularly but it often wasn't taken.  One morning I heard the magpie scolding outside the window and assumed it had found the peanuts.

When I looked I saw this time it was scolding a fox

and not only that, there were two of them.  The only camera I could grab was the iPhone but I managed a few blurry photos and some very amateur video.


  1. Those foxes look nice and fat. It seems everyone, even my cat, likes peanuts. Not sure if the fox with no white on it's tail has fur missing on the outside left front leg or if it's just a spot on the window. Thank you for sharing them!

    1. I think it is an injury of some kind. The camera was outside so there was nothing in between. I think the foxes get into a lot of scrapes (and probably fights as well). On the video one of them seems to have a kink in its tail. I'm not sure if that is an injury as well.