Sunday, 27 December 2015

End of year favourites - Odonata

It wasn't a great year for dragons and damsels because of the weather but there were a few highlights.  First, two species I hadn't been able to photograph before - a male red-eyed damselfly and a male brown hawker.

Demoiselles are always captivating to watch.  They are usually pretty relaxed about being photographed as well.  Here are a male and female beautiful demoiselle and a male banded demoiselle.

I saw more dragonflies and damselflies in the garden than ever before, perhaps because I am more aware of them and on the look out.  Here are a teneral southern hawker and a teneral common darter.

Finally, a pair of common hawkers in a mating wheel at Banks' Pond, my local dragonfly hotspot.

Let's hope next year is a good one.

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