Monday, 7 September 2015

Butterflies at last

It hasn't been the best of summers for butterflies but at last we had a calm sunny day.  I went to the dahlia field at Halls of Heddon and saw these beauties.

This is a peacock on Buddleia "Buzz Sky Blue".

Here is a painted lady on Buddleia davidii "Pink delight", the first painted lady I have seen this year.

Buddleia "Buzz Magenta" was popular with red admiral, green-veined white, comma and painted lady.

This is a small tortoiseshell on Dahlia "Trelyn Red Dragon".

This red admiral was resting on a dahlia.

The bumblebees were enjoying the weather as well.  Here are red-tailed and common carder bumblebees on Dahlia "Hadrian's Sunset".

And buff-tailed bumblebees on Dahlias "Anne Breckenfelder" and "Fashion Monger".

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