Friday, 5 June 2015

Nest box update 10 - D-Day

This was the big day for the four blue tit chicks.  During yesterday they were showing more interest in the entrance hole and from early this morning they were approaching it.  You can also hear the pheasant shouting for his breakfast.

To start with the parents were still bringing food inside but they later stayed outside to tempt the chicks out.

In previous years fledging has always been over by about 0700 but after initial excitement early this morning everything seemed to go quiet.

At one stage one of the chicks got up into the false ceiling of the box which houses the wires and connectors, showering its siblings with dust and cobwebs and causing the mother some alarm.

I was beginning to think I'd have to open the roof to rescue it when it managed to get free - in a huge cloud of dust and dirt.

Then all was quiet until around 0930 when suddenly the chicks again became interested in the world outside - I think they hadn't been fed for a while.


The parents continued to bring food to the entrance

The chicks were still unsure about leaving.

Here is the first one leaving the box.

The second one couldn't make its mind up and almost fell out before retreating.

Here is the third one leaving.

The last chick wasn't at all keen on leaving and one of the parents tried to tempt it with a caterpillar.

Eventually it jumped and they were all gone by 0950 - all off into the big wide world to seek their fortunes.

All that was left in the box was the egg that didn't hatch.

Now the parents have several more busy days feeding the chicks until they can fend for themselves.  They are easy to hear in the trees but won't be easy to see until they are a bit older and confident enough to come down to the feeders.

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