Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tree bumblebee

Most tree bumblebees have now disappeared but some are still around, new queens fattening up for the winter hibernation.

Bombus hypnorum was first recorded in England in 2001 and had arrived in the North East by 2009.  It has also reached Iceland so is obviously a very successful coloniser.

This photo was taken earlier in the year and shows a worker pollinating my raspberries.

Tree bumblebees naturally make their nests in holes in trees but are also very happy to take over bird boxes.

Click here to read more about this fascinating bee.


  1. How fast the natural world can change! It's like the Spotted Wood butterfly, my butterfly app shows very few round here, now one of the commonest we see!

    1. Silly me, slip of the tongue, of course I meant Speckled Wood - I am getting on a bit!