Thursday, 7 September 2017

Mrs Nutkin's self service

This photo shoot didn't go quite according to plan.  My model was waiting impatiently even before I had taken the camera out of the car and she became very interested when she heard the rustle of the packet of nuts.  I put a couple of nuts on top of a tree stump, hoping for a nicely posed and composed photo but she was much more interested those in the packet.  First she had a good look at the other camera.

And then she found the packet of nuts.

So I gave in and took these photos, which were not quite what I had in mind.

I reckon she ate about a dozen pecan halves.  She carried the last one up a tree and looked quite full up.  I did manage a few photos without the packet in view and I'll post those in the coming days.  With her grey tail I think this squirrel is not one of those I saw a couple of weeks ago but I wonder if she is the one I photographed a year ago.  If so, she was just as confident last year.


  1. Charming photos anyway, Chris, absolutely lovely!

  2. Delightful photos Chris, what a bold squirrel Nutkin with a taste for exotic nuts!