Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Snakes alive!

I haven't seen an adder for years.  Finding one has been on my list of things to do for the last two or three years but several expeditions to find an adder have been unsuccessful.  On Sunday my luck changed.  The forecast was good - cold but sunny - and I found nine (!) adders within 400m.  More than I have seen before in my lifetime.  The first was a female, out early to bask in the sun.

As she moved slowly along the bank she gave good views of her tongue as she smelt the air and of the nasal pit (which looks like a nostril)  which senses infrared radiation and helps in detection of prey.

I could also see the V on her head and the zigzag pattern along her back.

The next one I found was a large male.

He was a bit shy and kept his head in the grass.

Here is another female.

Then I found two females intertwined.

Lastly a smaller male deep in the hedge.

I also found a snakeskin, something I haven't seen for many many years. 

What a day!


  1. Wow Chris that was quite a day. Fantastic images as well

  2. So beautiful and what a find to see so many.