Monday, 29 February 2016

The fox's takeaway

I have been worried about the fox since last month when the video showed it was limping and eating the apples I put out for the blackbirds.  A photo a couple of days later showed it also had a gash on its head - perhaps from fighting or an injury from being hit by a car - so I have been feeding it each night since.

The fox comes to the garden near the back door each night and now appears to be walking without difficulty (assuming it is the same fox).  It is very cautious when it is close to the house - as you can see in this video clip from last night.  It snatched the food from the dish and ate it at a safe distance.

A few minutes later the fox also took a fancy to the dish and took that away as well!

A little later still the fox returned (without the dish), presumably hoping I had got up in the middle of the night to put out more food.  Either that or another fox was attracted by the smell of food.

I don't know how far the dish was taken as I haven't found it yet.  If it is still in the garden it is well hidden.  Maybe the fox is doing the washing up.


  1. Sweet of you to feed the fox. Perhaps after doing the washing up if will return the dish with some food in for you :)

    1. I have now found the dish hidden in the hedge, Emily. I would say it was licked clean rather than washed. I suppose the fox has never encountered a dish and took it because it smelled of food. It is odd that it has happened only once and that was when the camera was recording. Perhaps it was aware of the camera and was more nervous.