Monday, 25 January 2016

Who's been eating my apples?

When the apples I put out for the birds last winter were disappearing overnight I put out a trail camera to see what was happening.  The culprit then was a hedgehog which had forgotten to hibernate and I ended up feeding it all winter.

The same thing started happening again in the last week.  Fearing that the hedgehog had woken up early despite the cold weather I put out another camera.  And the thief this time is:

I didn't know foxes would eat apples but apparently they'll eat almost anything.  This video shows the fox running off with the last apple.  It looks a bit lame as it runs away  The video isn't the clearest, being recorded on a rainy night but you can see what the fox is up to.  The video should run on most things but not on iPads.

So has this fox turned vegetarian?  Don't count your chickens.  On second thoughts perhaps you should.

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