Sunday, 17 May 2015

Nest box camera update 7 - Hatched

Today has been an exciting day for the blue tits.  The first egg hatched at 0700 this morning.

The second egg hatched an hour later.

The third egg hatched at 0915.

Here the mother is removing the shell,
The fourth egg hatched during the day so one is yet to hatch.

The father has been very busy bringing in food.  He was previously bringing big black flies for the female but has switched to tiny caterpillars.  The female eats a few herself but feeds most to the tiny chicks.  Here she's feeding one of the first two chicks.
The male is taking an interest in the chicks and occasionally feeds them himself.

Here is the mother tucking them in at bedtime.

Now the hard work begins for the parents.  The chicks should fledge in less than three weeks.  Daily updates will appear on the "Nestbox camera 2015" page via the tab at the top of this page.

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